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UNINTERRUPTED: a two way conversation between doctors & patients

ClientBoehringer Ingelheim
ExpertiseRegional Consultation and Coordination
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the challenge

Even as the healthcare landscape shifts and technology continues to influence it, a strong, two-way, patient-doctor communication is still critical.

Boehringer Ingelheim wanted to communicate to lay audiences how important shared decision making is when it comes to disease management and treatment options, especially when it comes to serious conditions, such as atrial fibrillation and the prevention of stroke.

our approach

A multi-market approach was formulated, spearheaded by a regional event in the form of a half-day workshop in Amsterdam. Action’s International Client Hub led the event concept and development from the outset, creating all content, collateral, supporting material, and branding. Running under the title “UNINTERRUPTED: the importance of a two-way conversation between doctors & patients”, the event featured guest speakers including a specialised haematologist, a GP and BBC journalist, a cardiac nurse, and two patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation. The Hub team led the liaison with external speakers on their presentations and decks, as well as briefing patients on their participation, ensuring that the messaging was delivered at an appropriate level for lay audiences and in line with compliance restrictions.

Special branding was created for the event to give it a unique identity and make a memorable impression on participants, and the identity was utilised across all event collateral and other supporting materials. In addition, the Hub team developed a press kit with supporting materials on the event topic, including a press release highlighting the event key messages, infographics with additional insights, as well as a deck on recent patient survey results. In order to reach target audiences through additional channels, while at the same time ensuring that messaging around the event was consistent, the Hub team also prepared engaging social media content, as well as guidelines for internal team members on communicating the event across the brand’s social media channels.

To further communicate the event’s key messages and provide participants with an immersive experience, the Hub team also worked closely with the Boehringer Ingelheim team to create an innovative digital corner with various interactive elements. This included a 3D hologram of a heart with atrial fibrillation, and an immersive experience to understand how atrial fibrillation affects the heart, using VR headsets.

On the day of the event, the Hub team managed the event flow, as well as one-to-one interviews with the event speakers, ensuring everything ran smoothly and participants had a positive experience.  Finally, the Hub team liaised with local teams on feedback on the event, successes and learnings, as well as overall results consolidated into a summary report for senior management.


  • 18 journalists and 2 patient organisations in attendance
  • More than 20 pieces of original coverage, with over 1900 pieces of coverage overall
  • Positive feedback received from participants on the excellent organisation of the event, as well as the interesting and valuable information received

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