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supporting EATON in Ukraine


Digital Marketing, Events, Media Relations, PR Services, social media management, Stakeholder engagement



supporting EATON in Ukraine
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Digital Marketing, Events, Media Relations, PR Services, social media management, Stakeholder engagement



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the challenge

The audience of the energy industry worldwide is extremely specialized and specific. We needed to find a content creation approach, identify appropriate channels, and employ strategies to engage both experts in the energy sector and potential business clients, as well as broader audiences. The challenge was to blend the industry’s conservatism with creativity, combining seriousness and innovation via effective communication strategies.

One of the challenges we faced was to simultaneously address the global needs of the company (covering significant topics in media publications, global events, etc.) and the local requirements (more product releases, expanding the customer base, targeting professionals in the electric power industry).

The primary goal was to provide continuous communication support to enhance awareness of the company, its products, initiatives, and operations in Ukraine. This involved working collaboratively with national, regional, and industry-specific media outlets to strategically position Eaton within the media landscape and effectively disseminate key messages.

In addition to media engagement, our role extended to fulfilling various tasks as required by Eaton. This included coordinating press releases, organising events, managing articles and bylines, and responding to media inquiries.

Through strategic collaboration with media representatives at different levels, we aimed to convey not only the technical aspects of Eaton’s products and services but also highlight the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. This multifaceted approach sought to resonate with a diverse audience, from industry experts to the general public, contributing to the overall success and reputation of Eaton within the Ukrainian business landscape.

our approach

Our approach aimed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, particularly both the global and local offices of Eaton. We worked on media visibility by publishing press releases, authored columns, and articles on topics appealing to a broader audience, while also focusing on more targeted efforts in the Ukrainian market, including launching targeted advertising, posting in relevant social media groups and pages.

Our work was grounded in consistent activities, including the creation of 5 unique materials and 10-12 media publications each month. Additionally, we engaged in supplementary activities such as advertising, social media management, promotion of local events, and their coverage in media and social networks, tailored to the scale of each initiative.

In this context, the approach of the campaign was the following:

  • Establishing strong personal relationships with journalists from industry media outlets, such as those covering IT, energy, electricity, technology, and more.
  • Adapting global media materials for the Ukrainian market and creating original texts.
  • Creating a case study regarding the installation of equipment in the Unit City innovation park.
  • Providing 5 original materials and 10-12 media publications every month.
  • Ensuring the appearance of company representatives’ authored columns in top media outlets.
  • Providing communication support for participation in events, exhibitions, etc.
  • Maintaining constant communication between the local team and the global office.
  • Communication support for local webinars by Eaton in the media and social networks.
  • Posting content in targeted communities on social media platforms such as Telegram and Facebook.
  • Launching Facebook promotions in collaboration with an online media in the electric sector.


  • 500k – 1M media reach per month
  • 250+ media publications
  • Total coverage: up to 15M between 2021-2023
  • Cooperation with top Ukrainian media: Liga.net, Mind.ua and others
  • Cooperation with the main electric sector media of Ukraine: Electroblues, UA Electro, Electrovesti; and IT media: IT UA Info, KO, PC Week and others
  • Video case study with the Unit City created

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