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SAS and SEV academy for data science & AI

ClientSAS AI Minds

Media Relations, PR Services

SAS and SEV academy for data science & AI
Client SAS AI Minds OfficeAction Greece Expertise

Media Relations, PR Services

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the challenge

Action Greece was tasked with the launch of SAS AI Minds, the the first joint academy for AI and data science, developed by SAS in collaboration with the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV). ΑΙ Minds Academy aimed to enhance digital skills of students related to AI, analytics and data science, all while facilitating their transition in the job market. The programme was open to all Greek academic institutions. The ultimate objective of AI Minds was the bridge the gap between academic institutions and enterprises.

our approach

Action Greece introduced the collaboration between SAS and SEV for the launch of AI Minds by drafting and disseminating a press release to local media, resulting in outstanding coverage and interest. In addition, Action also collaborated with Lifo.gr to further enhance awareness and increase visibility amongst young audiences by securing an advertorial piece which focused on the initiative’s cause and mission.
The total number of clippings in Tier 1 media amounted to 90 pieces, translating into a PR value of over EUR90K. Additionally, the total views of clippings exceeded EUR42 million.

The specific press activity further strengthened SAS’s position as a leader in providing state-of-the-art AI and data science solutions and also highlighted the company’s role in supporting the local academic scene and bridging the skill gap of local students in AI and data science.


  • EUR90K in PR value
  • EUR42 million in total views of clippings
  • 90 pieces of coverage

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