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Sofia transforms into a science hub

ClientRice University (USA), Institut Curie (France)

Content Development, Creativity, Events, graphic design, Interviews, Media Relations, PR Services, Social Media

Sofia transforms into a science hub
Client Rice University (USA), Institut Curie (France) OfficeAction Bulgaria Expertise

Content Development, Creativity, Events, graphic design, Interviews, Media Relations, PR Services, Social Media

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the challenge

For 6 extraordinary days in June 2023, Sofia transformed into the ultimate scientific hub hosting the Genome Architecture and Function conference. The large-scale forum included a 2-day summer school, a 4-day workshop and two poster sessions for the young researchers to present their work. The meeting was organised by the Institute of Molecular Biology, Rice University (USA)  and Institut Curie (France), and was funded by the BSF, NSF, and CNRS. Action Bulgaria coordinated with these leading scientific institutions from across the globe and was responsible for the seamless execution of the event in every aspect.​

The event gathered 170 top scientific minds, including molecular biologists, physicists, and biophysicists to discuss the applicability of polymer physics, the use of ML and AI in understanding the genome and solving major issues such as cancer. 

our approach

Action Bulgaria ensured that every aspect of the event was flawless, relying on the team’s extensive experience in organising high-profile events. Action was responsible for developing all the content pieces as well as the meeting’s visual concept, including logo and colour scheme. In addition, a dedicated website was developed with relevant information for the event. Action also organised a video shootingm in order to share the talks on the dedicated website as well as on YouTube.

The team delivered seamless logistics and the coordination of both the scientific board and the participants. Action Bulgaria joined forces with the Organizing Committee and Advisory Board of the conference to facilitate the overall organisation of the meeting, including the creation of the speakers list and the conference agenda, as well as the organisation of two poster sessions. Our responsibilities also included all-round logistics, such as the registration and accommodation of the participants, and the selection of suitable halls and technical equipment. Sofia Balkan Hotel served as the perfect location for the gathering, right in the heart of the city with seamless subway connection to airport. ​

The action-packed programme encompassed two evening events and the cultural exploration of Sofia, leaving no stone unturned in crafting an unforgettable experience for the participants.


  • Over 170 participants from across the globe
  • 30+ international speakers
  • 6 days of talks & workshops, 2 evening events, 1 cultural tour

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