Welcome to Action Global

Welcome to Action Global Communications – pioneers of PR and communications in the Middle East and across our far-reaching network of international offices in over 40 countries worldwide.

In the 40 odd years since I started Action with my wife – working out of one of our children’s bedrooms to launch the inaugural BOAC flight to the first international airport in the Seychelles – the company has expanded exponentially, consistently evolving in tune with the rhythms and shifting trends of the industry.

Since our humble beginnings, when communications meant working with typewriters and fax machines and travelling long distances to meet stakeholders face-to-face, today we stay ahead of the curve by embracing new technologies and engaging with consumers and clients using a full-spectrum of PR channels.

Although technology has changed the way we do PR, the essence of communications remain the same. Whether through online digital platforms, creative campaigns, traditional print media, expertly organised events or integrated solutions, at Action Global Communications we connect with people, creating meaningful connections to ensure our clients stay at the top of their respective industries.

With PR, it’s the people that matter; which is why in most of my countries, the manager running the office is a local expert. In these emerging destinations, clients interact much better with a local manager who truly understands the sensitivity of cultural intricacies.


Throughout the development of Action, people have asked me why the CIS? Why the Middle East? Why the Baltics? These are destination that need our services much more than developed countries. Our persistence in countries like Egypt, where distributing press releases was considered advertising, has helped change attitudes, cultivating progress through our high-quality, game-changing global PR services.

In many ways, the expansion of the company happened by accident. When clients wanted to expand into destinations like Lebanon, Kazakhstan or Romania, I would be parachuted in, and lo and behold another Action office would be launched.

The art of effective communication starts with understanding and measurement. We understand business, brands, people and cultural intricacies and can successfully measure the perceptions and attitudes of stakeholders. At Action Global Communications, we use PR to help generate change and formulate perceptions.

This website should serve as just a taste of why we have been nominated as one of the leading PR firms globally. We have worked hard to build and maintain the positive reputations of our clients and we look forward to doing the same for you, so make a meaningful connection and get in touch today.

A Warm Welcome from


Founder & Chairman