Top 5 Blogs Per Country in Our Network – BlogDay 2010

Published OnAugust 31, 2010


Published OnAugust 31, 2010

Blog Day 2010August 31st has (unofficially) been set as International Blog Day, an initiative of blogday.org since 2005. BlogDay is an opportunity for each blogger to recommend 5 blogs that he or she finds interesting, along with a short description and a link for each blog. As blogs and bloggers are an integral part of how we all receive, process and use information, we wanted to pay homage to local blogs that stand out from the crowd in some our markets, and share them with you. Here are 5 blogs, by country, that our local offices reckon are worth reading (most blogs have a focus either on PR and communications, our clients’ industries, or are just plain interesting):


1. Mahmood’s Den (Political / General Interest)

URL http://mahmood.tv Language English
About By far Bahrain’s most read blog. Mahmood comments on everything related to Bahrain – from local politics to international events; from consumer items to Formula One.

2. Bint Battuta in Bahrain (Social)

URL http://www.blogcatalog.com/blog/bint-battuta-in-bahrain Language English
About A blog about the authors’ life, musings and anecdotes.

3. Babbling Bahrania (General Interest)

URL http://bahraniat.blogspot.com Language English
About A blog by a Bahraini woman covering various social, cultural issues. A candid opinion by the blogger makes it an interesting read.

4. Birding Bahrain (Wildlife)

URL http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog Language English
About A blog about the wildlife observation (primarily bird watching) in and around Bahrain with a focus on Hawar islands. Mainly a photo-blog with some lovely visuals.

5. Lost in Bahrain (Personal / Humorous)

URL http://lostinbahrain.wordpress.com Language English
About A young fashion designer from London documenting her search for fun, friends and happiness in Bahrain.


1. Izbrano (Technology/ Gadgets)

URL www.izbrano.net Language Bulgarian
About An interesting blog about technology news, gadgets, music, movies and entertainment, around since 2007.

2. Salted Lemons (Cooking)

URL http://loisslokoski.blogspot.com Language Bulgarian
About A blog dedicated to cooking. This blogger enjoys culinary experiments and is always ready for new culinary challenges.

3. Kreativen (Online Marketing & Social Media)

URL www.kreativen.com Language Bulgarian
About A blog dedicated to Web2.0, online marketing and blogging, focusing on giving advice to webmasters and bloggers.

4. Auto Equipment (Automotive)

URL http://авто-части.net/ Language Bulgarian
About A blog about auto parts, automobiles and moto-accessories. Its aim is to provide up-to-date information and useful advice in regard to auto parts and accessories.

5. Lets Gym (Health & Sports)

URL http://www.letsgym.com Language Bulgarian
About The blogger, young 31 year-old Polly, has wide experience in various physical exercises and focuses the blog on giving advice to young mothers, women etc on all things sports, beauty and health.


1. I Pellara en POLLON Logion (Financial / Politics)

URL http://fortheisland.wordpress.com Language Greek
About A blog that shares the blogger’s views mainly on the various aspects of the Cyprus economy, politics as well as other more general topics.

2. Chrysanthos Tsouroullis (Politics / General Interest)

URL www.sigmalive.com/blogs/tsouroullis Language Greek
About A blog by one of the most influential TV journalists in Cyprus focusing mainly on politics and politicians. Also comments on various topics the blogger feels he needs to express his personal opinion on.

3. Sometimes YES Sometimes NO (Public Relations)

URL sometimesyessometimesno.blogspot.com Language Greek
About One of the few blogs focusing on Public Relations in Cyprus.

4. Sports Gazette (Sports)

URL http://sportsgazette.blogspot.com Language Greek
About Blog focusing on sports (mainly football) in Cyprus, Greece and other countries. The team of bloggers also share news and views on the Champions League, EURO 2008, EURO 2012, EURO 2016, Europa League, superleague, UEFA Cup, World Cup 2010 etc.

5. Charalambos Theopemptou – Epitropos Perivallontos (Ecology / Environment)

URL http://theopemptou.blogspot.com Language Greek
About A blog by the Cyprus Commissioner for the Environment, writing on green issues.


1. Athensville (City Life)

URL http://athensville.blogspot.com Language Greek
About A blog which documents what’s going on in the city of Athens, from events, to buildings, streets and people.

2. Fashion Architect (Fashion)

URL http://fashionarchitect.blogspot.com Language Greek
About A personal style and fashion blog from an architect, living in Athens. The blogger covers every fashion associated issue, from simple outfit posts to fashion shows such as Athens Fashion Week and other fashion related events.

3. Enteka (General Interest)

URL http://enteka.blogspot.com Language Greek
About An eclectic blog on all that is of interest to the blogger. A blog of ‘someone who is interested about everything’ as the blogger says.

4. A,mpa? (Lifestyle)

URL http://a-mpa.blogspot.com Language Greek
About A witty blog which deals with a range of subjects from a more serious 80’s New York subway crime, to celebrity-watching in an unconventional way, to 90’s tributes.

5. Iparhoume…Siniparhoume (Journalism / Society)

URL http://gazikapllani.blogspot.com Language Greek
About A blog about social and journalistic issues written by Gazmed Kapllani, an Albanian writer and journalist for “Ta Nea” newspaper, residing in Athens.


1. 248AM (Social)

URL http://www.248am.com Language English
About An entertaining blog created by two expats, husband and wife, Mark works in Advertising and Nat works in TV.

2. Frankom (General Interest)

URL http://www.frankom.com Language English
About This is a refreshing blog that talks about all daily matters, with its stories usually being ones shared by thousands of incoming emails by readers worldwide.

3. Q8 Black Market (Entertainment/ Events)

URL http://www.q8blackmarket.com Language English
About Created by 2 college students, this informative blog focuses mostly on what’s going in Kuwait event/exhibitions/bazaars/movie reviews etc.

4. 4th Ring Road (General Interest)

URL http://www.4thringroad.com Language English
About An entertaining blog from “a bunch of guys” sharing their insights on what’s going on in Kuwait, along with things they love, hate, love to love and hate to hate.

5. Some Contrast (General Interest)

URL http://somecontrast.com Language Arabic/ English
About This blog covers a very wide range of topics, creating some contrast as the name promises. An overall interesting blog with its eclectic topics.


1. Mirsulzhan Namazaliev (Social Media, General Interest)

URL http://www.namazaliev.com Language Russian
About Mirsulzhan Namazaliev is one of the most well known bloggers in Kyrgyzstan. He writes about social media, the internet, blogging, as well as social, political and cultural issues in Kyrgyzstan.

2. Discovering of Environment of Central Asia (Environment, Science)

URL http://gulnura.wordpress.com Language English
About The author of this blog, Gulnura Toralieva, writes about environmental issues in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia and also covers science communication topics.

3. Kloop Media (General Interest, PR)

URL http://kloop.kg Language Russian
About Kloop.kg is a collection of blogs which mostly deal with political, economic, cultural issues in Kyrgyzstan. Kloop also publishes press releases for free unlike information agencies which will usually request money for PR material.

4. Bugulab (Design, Art)

URL http://www.bugulab.blogspot.com Language Russian
About Bugulab.com is a blog from the creative Studio Bugulab about design, art, photography, creativity and corporate identity. The blog also features a database of their corporate identity works which they have done for many organizations in Kyrgyzstan.

5. Bektour Iskender (General Interest, Political)

URL http://bektour.com Language Russian
About Bektour is one of the most well known bloggers in Kyrgyzstan. His blog is mostly about traveling, economy, politics and social issues in Kyrgyzstan.


1. Slava Se (Personal)

URL http://pesen-net.livejournal.com Language Russian
About This is the most popular blog in the Baltic States and also one of the most popular blogs in RuNet (Russian Internet). The author – common Latvian inhabitant Vjaceslav Soldatenko – has reached thousands Russian-speaking readers all over the world.  He has recently published his first book based on stories from his blog. Vjaceslav writes mostly about his life, family, work, friends, interesting events etc. Each blog post is a funny short story.

2. Telecommunication and IT, Juris Kaža (IT and Telecommunications)

URL http://blogi.nozare.lv/kaza Language Latvian
About A blog written by a Latvian journalist who could easily be called a “pioneer” in the Latvian blogosphere. He has an international experience as a journalist, is now working in the national news agency LETA and blogging about IT, new gadgets and telecomms.

3. Stuff-n-Style (Fashion)

URL http://stuff-n-style.blogspot.com Language English
About A popular Latvian fashion blog, where the two authors Denis Shevelev and Maija Meiere (or Boy and Girl as they call themselves – PR specialists in real life) are blogging about essential fashion events and news, both in Latvia and globally. Their aim is to popularize local fashion designers worldwide.

4. Public Relations, Marketing, Ingars Rudzitis (PR, Marketing)

URL http://blogi.nozare.lv/irudzitis Language Latvian
About The blog’s author, Ingars Rudzitis, worked for years at McCann-Erickson Riga as a PR consultant. His blog is devoted to PR and writes from new, interesting and original items he finds in publications, to books he read, to observations, opinions, events, advices etc.

5. Ansis Egle (Tourism, Personal)

URL http://ansisegle.lv Language Latvian
About The blog’s author is the marketing director of Aerodium (vertical wind tunnels). Apart from work and tourism issues, his blog is also filled with personal observations, experiences and stories.


1. Dansu Dansu (Marketing & Communications)

URL http://dansu.lt Language Lithuanian
About A blog about marketing and communications, the base of resources of these fields and comments on market news.

2. Marketer.lt (Internet Marketing)

URL http://www.marketer.lt Language Lithuanian
About A blog about internet marketing and review of related news.

3. Uagadugu (TV News)

URL http://uagadugu.lt Language Lithuanian
About A blog on Lithuanian TV news and trends of the media market.

4. Mediana.lt (Sociology, market research)

URL http://www.mediana.lt Language Lithuanian
About A blog about sociology, social market researches and public opinion.

5. Komunikacija Facebook’e (Social media news)

URL http://komunikacija-facebooke.lt Language Lithuanian
About A blog about social media news and trends.

OMAN Blogs

1. Muscat Confidential (Current Affairs)

URL http://muscatconfidential.blogspot.com Language English
About This blog offers a refreshing injection of impartiality and ho

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