To the four winds and beyond: introducing the Action Travel podcast

Published OnJanuary 13, 2022


Published OnJanuary 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the sounds of Singapore are like? Have you ever watched a Russian ballet performance in Monaco? Do you know where to meet Sharon Stone in Malta and have you ever heard of the stars in Chile and why they are astoundingly different?

Action Travel teamed up with Tehnika Rechi studio to launch its very own, one-of-a-kind Russian-language podcast for travel aficionados. “To the four winds” focuses on the touristic, cultural and historical characteristics of unique destinations.

The narrative audio guide is an ambient talk between charismatic TV and radio host, writer and experienced podcast narrator, Alex Dubas and his guests. 

The introduction of “To the four winds” is in line with current consumption trends in the market. Based on research from IAB Russia, the audience size of Russian-language podcasts stood at 10.5 million in December 2020 and by December 2024, the figure is expected to reach 27.9 million.

“To the four winds” takes its listeners around the globe, with Alex Dubas talking to travelers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and expats about various destinations and countries to reveal little-known facts that might surprise even the most seasoned tourists.

The list of countries is truly intriguing with Singapore, Monaco, Chile, Malta and South Africa leading the list. The first episode was released on January 12th, introducing the sustainable green thumb of Singapore and several must-tries at the garden-city’s hawker centers.

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