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Tips on Festive Christmas Decoration for Your Holidays

Decorating, just like the PR business, is all about being imaginative, developing ideas and creating something beautiful. And it’s even more fun if other people can enjoy it as well! So why don’t you prepare your home to welcome Christmas and make it even warmer for your guests? Quick, easy and wintery decorations can transform your house during the festive season. With pretty small things, humorous accessories and imaginative details, you can magic up gifts with a personal touch in no time at all. So with just a little imagination you can transform a vibrant poinsettia into a creative decoration with heaps of sentimental value to give joy to others and yourself during the festive season. So here are some (borrowed) ideas! Poinsettia Christmas Decoration A glass in a glass is the key: pot a poinsettia in a small glass and place this in turn into a larger glass. A little bit of moss as the base looks pretty and ensures that the poinsettia sits at the right height. Fill the space between the two glasses with materials gathered from a walk in the woods. Alternatively you can use moss, brushwood, pine and cinnamon sticks. A felt strip tied around the upper edge of the outer glass highlights the intensive poinsettia red. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 2 Place a poinsettia in a round pot. Make a rustic collar from natural accessories. Cinnamon sticks, pine twigs, dogwood and colour-coordinated leftover wool are all you need. Cut all of the accessories to the same length and stick them vertically to a collar made of cardboard. Leave some parts free and wrap them in wool for a rustic look. Attach the creative collar to the red pot using hot glue. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 3 Here, a square, orange-yellow glazed pot becomes the home for a red poinsettia. Just a few accessories can create a striking effect: fill two sides of the pot with various needled twigs. Yew, conifer and white pine are particularly good for this. With self-adhesive Velcro tape, fasten a colour-coordinated fabric star to the pot – and the trendy poinsettia arrangement is complete. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 4 Make a creative poinsettia calendar, count the days and sweeten the wait for Christmas to arrive. Lovingly wrapped surprises adorn this magnificent and lush poinsettia arrangement in bright red. With the small packages hanging from the plant pot, this creative poinsettia calendar will have everybody’s undivided attention during the whole Christmas period. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 5 This rustic poinsettia arrangement in bright red has a natural look. The perfect wintery decoration for a coffee table or end table. Red candles in various sizes, shiny baubles and mini poinsettia make the perfect decorative companions. It’s easy to recreate this professional-looking decoration: first of all, make triangles out of small pieces of birch bark. Place them closely next to one another and stick them together. The hollow spaces offer room for the pure red decorations. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 6 If you don’t want your favourite card to disappear, why not turn it into a stylish pot? This creative card container is quick to make: take an empty container, for example a tin can in the right size, and stick the cards to adhesive tape on the top and bottom edge. Then wrap decorative ribbon from a hobby shop around the card can. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 7 Sometimes, less is much more. Just simple paper is enough to transform a poinsettia into a fanciful decoration. To do this, cut the wrapping paper to the right size, put the two ends together and fold over the top edge twice. On the outer sides, pierce the paper several times and tie them together with colour-coordinated woollen threads. Wrap the poinsettia’s soil pot with film before placing it in its new paper pot to avoid getting moisture marks on the wrapping paper. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 8 Imagination and good organisational skills are the secrets of good decorating and if you don’t have any suitable pots to hand, you can create an imaginative pot from simple pleated paper cuffs. In three layers these create a colour-coordinated and sturdy container for the bright red poinsettia. A little bit of green-coloured white pine forms the collar for the red poinsettia and adds colour accents. Create a playful effect using red stars stuck onto paper wire, fastened with hot glue and inserted between the paper cuffs. Poinsettia Christmas Decoration 9 It doesn’t cost much, but the effect is immense: an attractive trio of midi poinsettias embellish a rustic wooden table. Simple, glazed pots in a range of colours and shapes provide a gentle mix of colours and materials, harmonising perfectly with the white-pink colouring of the poinsettias. Simple small candles and chunky cones from your last walk in the woods make the ideal accessories. If you want more ideas you can visit where you can find a huge variety of ideas and pictures. So, go on, be courageous, trust your creative side and try out these great ideas. Or even create your own decorations. Make sure though you leave your comment and let us know if your efforts were fruitful. Anyway, fruitful or not, one thing is for sure… You are definitely are going to have so much fun trying these! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
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