Published OnMay 15, 2020


Published OnMay 15, 2020

Grass Roots Action Approach Prompts Agency’s Sponsorship of PRCA Virtual International Summit

The rebuilding of economies and the fostering of confidence and trust in the public and private sector brands will need to take an inside-out approach in the Post Covid era, according to the independent international agency Action Global Communications.

Action Global Communications, which has unprecedented experience spanning continents and cultures, is sponsoring this month’s inaugural virtual international summit of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) – the world’s largest PR professional body – when communicators worldwide will debate the future of the industry in the Post pandemic era.

Action will use its sponsorship to unveil its recent research which reveals distinct pandemic duration changes to local media landscapes and how lockdowns and the coronavirus outbreak are impacting consumer behaviour which is becoming more locally focussed.

“What appears to be emerging is a pattern of people wanting to focus on their own specific lifestyles, communities and economies with trust being localised into what they know and are familiar with,” said the agency’s Director Kathy Christodoulou.

“While the industry has always had to be cognisant of local sensitivities, the localised approach will now be essential to fostering consumer and citizenry trust. Our research has shown significant variants in preferred communications approaches across specific markets, even those within the same continental geographies.”

Action’s research spanned seven markets across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. It points to a Post-Covid legacy of changed preferred communications channels in each jurisdiction.

The PRCA Summit, which will run over May 20 ad 21, will explore the future of the industry over the next 10 years and is set to welcome speakers and delegates from all around the world.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, PRCA Director-General, said: “It’s more important than ever that PR professionals continue to learn, share ideas, and make new connections.”

Action Global Communications believes that while the shape of the new normal is uncertain, there are some areas where fairly confident forecasts can be made, and which communicators need to be ready for.

“These include an upswing in domestic tourism, a reassessment of sustainable national manufacturing and production, and a consumer desire for proof of product origin particularly within health-related and food sectors,” added Christodoulou. “There will be a need to reassure people of the safety of transport modes, public buildings, and recreation areas. The concerns will vary market to market and will need to be addressed via deep local insights and highly experienced, on-the-ground local professionals,” added Christodoulou.

“We partner public and private sector clients to build mission-critical awareness and engagement and create lasting impact through local expertise, regional hubs of excellence and a distinctive creative, multi-market approach,” said Christodoulou. We understand how national and regional agendas will now, more than ever, determine political, business and purchase decisions. Our independent nature also gives us the flexibility to take market-specific, local action informed by teams which are not just embedded within geographies, but who hail from them, understand them, and create campaigns which resonate with them.

“Communications as part of an integrated marketing strategy will no longer just be about getting out a specific client message, but about attentively listening to local consumers and tailoring over-riding messaging to fit market specific environments.”

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