Larry Fergeson 

As the Head of Action Diplomacy, Larry oversees the development and implementation of complex communications projects for international organisations such as the EU, UN and World Bank, who can benefit from the expertise of Action’s vast communications network. In this role, he oversees the entire life cycle for all of Action’s current and prospective international donor projects from sourcing funding opportunities and securing project partners to day-to-day project management and providing strategic counsel to project stakeholder groups.


Navigating between his background in journalism and conflict resolution to efficiently manage local, regional and international projects, Larry works with Action’s multicultural teams to bring about positive change and sustainable results for all project stakeholder groups through high-level communications services and activities. Larry also oversees Action’s offices in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Having lived and worked in over 20 countries around the world has given him greater versatility as a communications professional and honed his love for working with people from a wealth of different countries and cultures.

Head of Action Diplomacy Larry Fergeson
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