International Client Service

With a core team of communications experts strategically based in Cyprus, Dubai and Moscow, our Hub teams’ jobs are to manage multimarket campaigns to ensure seamless implementation and localisation of PR output in a variety of different markets. These teams act as central points for clients and provide guidance and strategic input to other agencies operating in culturally diverse regions with varied local market conditions. Crucially, our PR output marries perfectly with the global strategy and overarching client objectives.

The benefits of the Central Hub include:

  • Providing a centralised approach to both agency management, PR strategy development, and content generation
  • Ensures all team members are knowledgeable of the central strategy and key messages that support clients’ aims
  • Receives one centralised brief from the client and works with the local agencies to find the best fit between corporate goals and the cultural intricacies in each market
  • Develops efficient, tailor-made, processes and procedures for smooth information flow and reporting
  • Guarantees centralised crisis procedures and support 24/7
  • Provides clients with feedback and information on country-specific issues
  • Adapts centrally-provided material and finds a fit for it locally
  • Shares best practice and learnings across all target markets to derive maximum return on investment from PR activations