Digital Communications

The revolution in how the digital world is used in communications is a phenomenon which emerged from emerging markets, and particularly from markets where Action has a presence.

Because of this, we have been one of the front runners in adapting our client communications by providing integrated solutions with a strong digital element. Online and social are not just ‘other channels’ to target, but extensions of existing media strategies which require a consolidated and integrated approach. Recognising this is a game changer for brands looking to build stronger connections to their consumers and stakeholders.

With experienced central hub teams based in Moscow, Dubai and Cyprus offering strategic consultation and oversight of our local digital teams in each market, multinational clients benefit from localised campaigns with an international strategic approach.

Action Digital is a full-service agency offering:

  • innovative digital experiences using the latest tools and trends to help you go digital
  • website design
  • SEO, content, mobile, design and marketing.


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