“our communication must be accurate, timely and reliable” – interview with Rossitza Donkova

Written By

Action Global

Published OnDecember 6, 2022


Written By

Action Global

Published OnDecember 6, 2022

Rossitza Donkova, managing director of Action Bulgaria has been part of Action since 2004. In a recent feature in KMarketing Factbook, a special edition of Capital, Rossitza speaks about the increasing social pressure on organisations and how the recent shifts in consumer behaviour and content consumption are presenting new challenges and opportunities for brands. 

“Changing conditions require brands to be more tactically astute, and to demonstrate their values beyond high-sounding mission statements. On top of that, new environmental, social, and governance practices that are holding organisations accountable for their actions now also come into the mix,” explained Rossitza. “Issues related to climate change, diversity, equality, and inclusion, as well as internal governance, are all major concerns of our society and particularly of younger generations. Therefore, organisations cannot afford to overlook these aspects in their agenda. Growing expectations over the years have just reinforced the paramount role of more holistic integrated communications approaches that deliver added value and measurable results.”

How has the agency-client relationship evolved over the past years?

We continue to support our clients and they continue to believe in us. At Action Bulgaria, we embrace our clients’ company culture and strive to work in such a way that they accept us as an extended part of their own team.

At the same time, we are always honest and open about the expected results. We know that every organisation’s reputation is ‘omnidriven’ and plays a paramount part in the business’ success. Wherever possible, we go into the smallest details to ensure that the advice and strategies we propose and implement will drive a lasting and sustainable contribution for their business. We are proud of each of our clients and of the fact that most of them have trusted us long-term for more than 12 years. We take particular pride in the fact that some of our clients have been with us for over 18 years.

The agency’s relationship with clients has always been built on the foundations of mutual trust. We continue to expand our portfolio of services with the aim to meet their growing demands and needs. Over the past year, our team in Bulgaria has focussed on further strengthening our consultancy, digital marketing as well as creative content capabilities to develop and implement impactful integrated communications and marketing campaigns. In 2022, we successfully carried out 360° integrated campaigns for clients such as Boehringer Ingelheim, ICGB, OMV, AEG as well as Electrolux. Meanwhile, we have also continued to grow our client portfolio with new long-term partnerships while also gaining the trust of new clients from the fields of education and science, as well as energy.

How is your agency adapting to changes in the market?

Changes in any business environment are not necessarily welcome, but they are expected. And as such, they obviously require strategic marketing and communications solutions that combine a multitude of online and offline channels. In 2021, we celebrated 25 years since our agency’s establishment in Bulgaria and 50 years since the foundation of Action Global Communications, our parent company with offices in Eastern Europe and Eastern Med, Central Asia and CIS as well as the Middle East.

What are the trends in communications?

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shown us how fragile the world’s balance can be. The long-term social and geopolitical impact of these on society is yet to be fully assessed, however, we are witnessing first-hand how misinformation, fake news and propaganda are dividing people more than ever. These factors have a huge impact on the formation of our attitudes, our habits as consumers and ultimately change the focus of communication.

We believe that in 2023, integration in communication approaches will become key to achieving maximum results, and organisations that are able to rationalise their communication strategies and apply a holistic approach are likely to have an advantage.

We expect more focus on personalised communications approaches since users value their time and are even more sensitive to general conversations. New technologies continue to change behavior as they create a highly personalised environment where we listen to and watch content created and recommended for us. This brings us to social listening and the importance of understanding our target audience in the long term. We are witnessing a paradigm shift with increased levels of engagement, connectivity, activity and above all, a higher appreciation of transparency in reputation building. Consistency and genuine commitment remain the most important attributes in strategies.

Striving to think ‘outside the box’ at all costs, we often seem to forget these basic principles of communication when we talk about creating a meaningful connection with the audience. I don’t see any benefit in putting effort into the so-called technological creativity if the content is shallow and meaningless.

User-generated content is another approach that is widely used lately and is becoming a must for success. The best feedback is the recommendation of a satisfied consumer and nothing sells products and services better than the independent and honest opinion of people.

Last but not least, I expect more transparency. Consumers are getting better at navigating the sea of subjective and misleading information and appreciate honest campaigns. In an age of ‘fake news’ and widespread misinformation, they just want to know the truth. Our communication must be accurate, timely and reliable in order to help organisations create meaningful and sustainable relationships with their audiences.

What is your message to the team?

I work with wonderful people, and I have full confidence in their qualities and capabilities. I am grateful for having them by my side, and highly appreciate the work and effort they put in along with responsibility and dedication. We continue to learn, keep up to date with industry developments and improve ourselves. We know that every difficulty is an opportunity and there is no success without willingness and enthusiasm.

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