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Action Pakistan is… one of the longest established, full service agencies in the market, with experience working in a wide range of industry sectors for both international and local clients. The team of local journalists, writers, event managers, digital leaders, crisis communications and media relations experts, take pride in their reputation for tactical communication strategies, working closely with clients to ensure their communication campaigns are aligned to their business goals. Well versed in traditional PR areas such as crisis management and CSR, Action Pakistan has also moved into the digital era with a dedicated team to incorporate the right digital tools for an effective strategic comms approach.


Our Local Insight… Despite the countries rich cultural make-up and long history, the current news agenda continues to be dominated by the political situation with most media covering politics. While the media in Pakistan is still dominated by print and broadcast, the digital media landscape has been rapidly developing giving rise to more key influencers in some sectors. Most major media outlets have their own websites, while social media as well as blogging, are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the sensitivity of the situation in Pakistan, and the rich cultural intricacies that co-exist in the country, brands need local PR and comms experts with specialised knowledge of the market to get a targeted approach.


We build meaningful connections with our clients by encouraging fresh, creative thinking, which in turn promotes an ease of communication and speedy action.

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