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Action Moldova is… the first international PR agency to work in Moldova. And with a team that is strongly rooted in public affairs, our success in this sector has rapidly gained us a reputation as leading PR experts with one of the strongest governmental, not for profit and local media networks in the country. Now, we are expanding our areas of specialisation to meet the growing demand from multinational brands looking to enter the country. As commercial and government organisations alike increasingly embrace digital communications, we have also shifted our focus to put more emphasis on reaching audiences using a full range of online channels.


Our Local Insight… As a very close knit community, the reputation of a business in Moldova can be built and broken all through word-of-mouth. For this reason, having the right partners on the ground in the country is essential in order to create a solid reputation and reach the target audiences. Thanks to an increased interest in Moldova from large multinational companies, the PR industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. With this growth, we have seen a new emphasis on Digital media across the board, including within national institutions.


In order to make meaningful connections, a brand must not only engage with the people, but also put in the extra work to stay in touch – establishing a connection as both a professional expert and friend.

Country ManagerAnna Moghilda
+357 22 818 884
49/3 Tighina Street, Office 48 MD 2001, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
In Moldova since 2014