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BMC is… a full service communications consultancy operating in Iraq for almost a decade, drawing on the tools and tactics most effective in protecting client reputations, values and mission. Dedicated to building strong bonds for clients in Iraq by delivering to the highest quality standards, BMC has worked in multiple sectors with leading international brands and donor organisations, including BMW, UNICEF, CISCO, LG and Nokia.

In addition to being a full service communications consultancy, BMC consultants offer specialised services in election campaigns, project advisory, personal brand management, online presence and market intelligence. The team are also skilled in the development of bespoke training sessions in communications and PR in general, or specialised areas such as crisis communications, press relations, strategy development, CSR and consumer relations. The agency’s Founder has built his career on innovative thinking and a continued pursuit for knowledge, which is the culture he instills in his team and every client campaign they produce.


Our Local Insight… The Iraqi media remains in its infancy in comparison to other countries in the region. Most of the media depends on advertising, and quality journalism is still developing. In terms of censorship, Iraq began with a very liberal stance and most broadcasters remained free from Government control. Iraq’s Communication and Media Commission (CMC) was set up in 2004 with the legal authority to approve and grant licenses for the country’s media, telecommunications, broadcasting and information services. There are also plans in place to set up the country’s first media free zone based in Baghdad – the Baghdad Media City.

It is important to note that Iraq is going through a reconstruction phase with economic and financial institutions being established and new infrastructure being developed with an estimated $100 billion budget. Therefore, there are plenty of challenges that face local media outlets, for instance the recent controversy over the closing of 43 media outlets due to licensing issues.

Despite the obvious difficulties that Iraqis are facing on a daily basis, they remain one of the most passionate communities in the world. This is why we always advise our clients to communicate with authenticity and genuine interest for generating benefits for Iraq and its people. To do this, being present on the ground is essential as directly interacting with audiences is a key element for success and in creating a strong bond with the country.

After 12 years working in the market, we managed to create strong bonds for our clients who trusted us to help them operate successfully in Iraq with confidence and most importantly with care and authenticity.

Founder & DirectorBashir Mraish
[email protected]  
Baghdad – Iraq
In Action since 2009