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EZERIN’COM is… a full service PR agency that has been helping both large Belarusian and international companies alike build their presence with local audiences through strong corporate communications since 2006. One of our main priorities is the development and implementation of turnkey analytical products, communications strategies and informational campaigns. The team also specialises in the organising of events of any size and purpose, whether they be internal, consumer, B2B, or media related.


Our Local Insight… The communications market in Belarus is relatively young and is still evolving. However, with a large number of international companies and organisations moving into the country in recent years, and new digital technologies rapidly taking hold of the communications industry, exciting opportunities are emerging constantly for agencies with a deep understanding of the market. Our expert team is perfectly positioned with long-standing relationships with the media, along with an approach to integrated PR aimed at producing fresh and effective campaigns.

Connection is communications, whether it be aimed at consumers, businesses, governments, or colleagues, and is the focus of every campaign we deliver and client relationship we build.

Managing DirectorPavel Ezerin
+375 17 294 86 63
Very Charuzaj str. 22 – 603, 220034 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
In Belarus since 2006