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Iceberg Communication is… a dynamic, innovative, and integrated advertising and communication agency in Tirana. Founded more than 15 years ago, we are one of the first advertising agencies in Albania. We fuse together specialists from advertising, event management and design to inspire and engage our clients and their audiences, with in-depth experience in the areas of ICT, heavy industry, corporate communication, B2B, and EU funded projects. We are brave, talented, friendly, and collaborative and, most importantly, we do what we say. We go beyond communications, with the dedication, hard work, honesty, and responsibility that leads us to success.


Our Local Insight… The communications landscape in Albania has evolved and grown progressively over the past decade, since the concept of PR first entered the market. Communication and PR is now leading the direction of the journalism industry towards a new model by boosting professional interests. With a steady increase in businesses entering the market, there is increased competition, and companies, government authorities, and institutions alike are looking to communications to differentiate, guarantee success, and build the right kind of visibility.

Effective PR is the proper communication of the reputation and values of a brand, person or company by building mutual relations with the target audience or customers.

CEO & FounderRafaela Rica
+355 42 267 681
Rr Dervish Hima, Ambasador 3, No 32, Tirana, Albania
In Albania since 1999