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How to react to negative comments on social accounts?

In March 2012 we posted a funny manual on “how to cook eggs in the microwave” on our client’s facebook wall and we accidentally did not write the name of the author of the text. As a result, some very popular bloggers started making comments and writing negative reviews about the company. We thought that in order to stop this, we shouldn’t get into the discussion, instead we should find the author of the text. So we’ve found Leo Kaganov who is very famous in Russia for his posts and poetry. We apologized and offered him a present – a microwave of our client Hansa. Also, we found out that he loves engraving on things and so we engraved “To Leo Kaganov from Hansa” on the microwave. He was so very happy that he offered us to make a series of experiments in the microwave – we cooked eggs. The project was a great success – the post of Leo Kaganov spread all over the internet and we had more than 20 re-posts. His post had more than 200 comments (all positive). All the negative reactions were taken down. Plus we had a great audience – more than 50 000 people have read the post on Kaganov’s blog.

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