How to Get a Branded Presence on Facebook

Published OnSeptember 16, 2009


Published OnSeptember 16, 2009

facebook Facebook certainly can prove to be an inexpensive and really effective tool when used correctly. It is important though, to integrate it strategically with your internet marketing plan so as not to lose the credit from this stunning marketing effort. Find the right audience: The first issue to resolve is to identify your target audience. There is no reason to get tons of Facebook friends who have no interest in your offerings. Facebook only permits a maximum of 5000 friends so you need to create an efficient invitation strategy. Also keep in mind that Facebook puts limitations on the number of invitations that can be sent out. To be on the safe side, it’s better to send out about 10 friend invitations per day. Here are some tips on how to start building a good community around your business on facebook:

  • – Start with adding the people you know in the industry. That’s the easy part!
  • – Use groups to find Facebookers with the same interests as your company’s and those who belong in the same target audience. Monitor conversations closely to find out what’s of interest to your audience, as well as any new group members who fit with your target audience.
  • – Get in touch with the Influencers: Identify the people who tend to serve as the mentors of the community, converse with them and if you have the opportunity incentivise them.
  • – Facebook friends’ recommendation: Use this facebook tool – People You May Know – to expand your friends list. Facebook recommends friends based on your current friends list and can usually be trusted to be pretty accurate on relevancy.
  • – Make friends from your friends: Expand your network by adding the friends of your friends. Look for other industry leaders who may belong in your target audience. Add a creative note in your friend request to get your message through.

Posting a “thank you” note to your new friends is a great place to start communicating with them. Find out what is being said: Finding your target audience is just the beginning! Do an extensive research on the conversations taking place and the existing communities before taking part in them. Adjust your message to your audience tone: Now that you found them, you need to keep them. Stay in touch and make regular appropriate comments, keep an eye on your friends’ status updates, as great communication opportunities may be hidden there. Keep your profile up-to-date with accurate information and talk like you are part of the group not as a typical advertiser. Always link to your website and do not forget to put your contact info.

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