e-health in the spotlight in the EU4Digital campaign

Published OnDecember 21, 2020


Published OnDecember 21, 2020

With the launch of a new activity to present successful eHealth solutions in the Eastern partner countries, Action’s Digital and Public Sector teams are carrying out the EU4Digital campaign in December 2020, highlighting the project’s support for innovative eHealth examples.

The campaign, which is promoted in local press and through social media, is built around a series of stories, developed in cooperation with local media partners. The stories highlight services, like ePrescription, electronic health records, eBaby, etc., as well as the COVID response in the Eastern partner countries – with the support of international partners, including the European Union and its EU4Digital initiative.

You can read the stories here:

Better care, better administration: Moldovan hospitals reap the benefits of automated information system

eBaby: nine services in one to bypass bureaucracy at birth

Modern digital platforms for a better pandemic response: the key role of data in tackling COVID-19 in Moldova

Stay home, we will deliver medicines – digital initiative helps pensioners survive tough times

How the pandemic accelerated the introduction of digital services in Georgia

The digital doctor: how electronic health records are transforming health care in Ukraine

Through a series of educational videos, a quiz and social media posts, the campaign highlights the ever increasing importance of eHealth. It also promotes the work of the eHealth stream with a factsheet, outlining activities in key areas, and explains  The transformative power of eHealth technologies in the EU and the EaP, as well as the Bright future of possibilities for eHealth technology in spite of remaining challenges.

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