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Digital Storytelling in Focus: Action Kazakhstan inspires Crowds at the XII International PR Forum

Action Kazakhstan Country Manager Tariyel Jalalli sparked the interest of regional PR professionals at Almaty’s XII International PR Forum where he was invited to share his insight on digital storytelling earlier this month. The Forum represents the country’s most important PR event and was attended by over 200 PR specialists from across Kazakhstan and its neighbouring countries.

Jalalli spoke to an audience of his peers about the ins and outs of effective digital storytelling. Topics covered in his talk moved from the motivational to the technical, including the importance of defining a concept, analysing success factors and the connection between this and the concept of framing. Jalalli went on to delve into recent real world cases of digital storytelling that have recently drawn attention in Kazakhstan, examining how popular frames enhanced effect of the stories in question.

XII International PR Forum_Kazakhstan_Visuals_24062016


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