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Transforming Mindsets: Helping save lives in Qatar with regular cancer screenings

Informing the public on the importance of regular cancer screening saves lives through early detection. This is especially true for breast and bowel cancer. But cancer is considered taboo for many in Qatar, where people prefer not to even mention its name. As such, raising awareness around regular screenings and detection was a primary challenge for our Qatar team when taking on the PR role for the ‘Screen for Life’ Programme, which they have held since 2016. Aiming to overturn the status quo, the Action Qatar team set about developing a holistic ‘optimism driven’ comms strategy centred on 3 main pillars – Education, Awareness and Call to Action.

Action went about changing public perception, encouraging the general public to view screening as normal and as important as any regular medical check-up. These messages resonated throughout all marketing and communications routes, USPs and messaging, complete with a TVC concept, storyboard and script.

To date, we are proud that the ‘Screen for Life’ campaign has resulted in raising awareness about the programme, while facilitating the screening of well over 50,000 men and women in Qatar. The programme – executed by Primary Health Care Corporation – forms part of an overall effort to further the Qatar National Vision 2030, set in motion to establish a modern healthcare infrastructure that caters to all, with the highest international standards.

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