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take me to Thailand

ClientTourism Authority of Thailand
ExpertiseIntegrated Communications
take me to Thailand
Client Tourism Authority of Thailand OfficeAction Kazakhstan Expertise Integrated Communications Industry Tourism Related Links www.tourismthailand.org

the challenge

The Tourism Authority of Thailand was seeking tourists who were open and prepared to travel to Thailand following the new rules of entry. According to the rules, all passengers arriving in Thailand are to quarantine for 16 days in specialized hotels without permission to leave the hotel premises.

our approach

Action Kazakhstan wanted to set the right expectations around entry, while simultaneously promoting the more human and attractive side to visiting Thailand and all it has to offer. To reach the audience in the right way, Action knew that a solid media mix and an appealing integrated strategy was required.

A series of special media partnerships were arranged, and engaging and relatable social content created.


A special project with the region’s major travel booking service, Aviata.kz, was implemented.

A visually stimulating landing page was created, describing new requirements to tourists in a very soft manner so as not to alienate people. Social media posts on various themes and website banners were implemented to promote the landing page.

A partnership with the biggest travel media, Tengritravel.kz, was arranged.

Within the framework of the partnership, Action Kazakhstan wrote articles focused on different audiences who could be potential tourists to Thailand: “Working conditions for Digital nomads”, “How to spend a long vacay with children in Thailand” and more. Social media posts, website banners and announcements in the news feed of Tengrinews.kz, Kazakhstan’s biggest news site, were created and implemented to promote the project.

Working on an editorial basis with lifestyle media, Weproject.media, we created a series of interviews with individuals who moved to Thailand from Kazakhstan. Six insanely interesting stories were written and posted. Social media posts and website banners were used to increase the total reach of the project. 


  • Total reach – 2.8 million
  • KPIs were 2 times higher than forecasted
  • Collaboration with Aziza Aibadulina – OTS 309 00, reach 133 247
  • Collaboration with Asel Zoe – OTS 207 000, reach 50 892
  • Aviata project reach – 1 827 599
  • Tengri Travel reach – article reach 8 791, post reach – 128 099 (per each article and per each post)
  • WeProject media reach – 208 950

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