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supporting the EU’s commitment to inclusive growth and stability



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supporting the EU’s commitment to inclusive growth and stability
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Expertise Integrated Communications Industry Public Sector Related Links www.enpard.ge

the challenge

The European Neighbourhood programme for agriculture and rural development (ENPARD) which forms part of the EU’s commitment to inclusive growth and stability in its Neighbourhood and recognizes the great importance of agriculture in terms of food security, sustainable production and rural employment, was a project supported by Action Georgia across 2018-2020. The main challenge was that of finding an effective way to drive visibility of the entire ENPARD programme, and in doing so, offer a consistent strategic framework that clearly and efficiently coordinated and managed a great number of communication activities for the following network:

  • diverse target groups including farmers and farming associations in Georgia, journalists (Georgian and EU), Georgian and EU general population
  • multiple stakeholders including: Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia (MoA), Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency (ACDA), National Food Agency (NFA) and Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA)
  • implementing partner organisations: Mercy Corps, People in Need, Care, Oxfam, FAO, Evoluxer and UNDP

our approach

In response to the specific network character of the ENPARD programme architecture, the team developed a correspondingly strong and complex network with the media, journalists and media associations, through which it has channelled messaging both flexibly and innovatively. The team also developed new formats for broadcasting online, forged strong alliances with reliable partners and continuously developed and initiated new types of events and platforms for increasing communication outreach and impact. As a result, a flexible and effective approach toward supporting communication activities ‘on the ground’ was developed, together with a diverse range of PR initiatives and tools, that achieved broad media coverage and awareness regionally – as well as nationally.


  • Over 119 pieces of coverage in the media
  • Over 2 million reach on Facebook
  • Tripled female participation from 308 cooperative members to 938 within two years
  • 250,000 people received advice on farming
  • 2,000 farmers benefited from funding
  • 8,000 farmers received training in agriculture

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