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putting a new lens on screen for life programs

ClientPrimary Health Care Corporation
ExpertiseIntegrated Communications
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Client Primary Health Care Corporation OfficeAction Qatar Expertise Integrated Communications Industry Healthcare Related Links www.phcc.gov.qa

the challenge

The Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Program is a life-saving, population-based initiative that aims to promote education, awareness and early detection of breast and bowel cancer in Qatar.

However, since cancer in general is a very sensitive topic, people prefer not to mention its name on the whole in Qatar.

Action Qatar, along with the Primary Health Care Corporation, needed to find a way to position the program in a more positive light that people would be open to.

The program overall aimed to:

  • Educate people on breast and bowel cancer
  • Introduce “Screen for Life” program
  • Leverage the sense of awareness towards these 2 cancers (top 2 cancer types in the State of Qatar)
  • Generate interest about the program
  • Ignite call for action to register for breast and bowel cancer screening

Ultimate objective: Save people’s life

our approach

In all marketing and communication channels, USPs and key messages were always driven by optimism while also keeping things very easily understood. Action Qatar developed a TVC concept, storyboard and script to serve one main message: screening for breast and bowel cancer is a routine check-up as simple as any other regular check-up that people usually do.

Action Qatar strategy included:

– Implementing an introductory PR campaign before the launch of the program

– Introducing the program focusing on a simple messaging approach easily understood by the target audience

– Educating the public at large about the Program hierarchy

– Engaging local companies through outreach programs

– Accessible information for all (website, social media, dedicated enquiries email address etc…)


  • Nearly 12,000 women screening for breast cancer since PHCC introduced national cancer screening program in 2016 till July end 2017
  • Nearly 8,000 men and women screening for bowel cancer since program launch till date.
  • Program outreach activities and lectures in October 2016 resulted in having around 2000 registrations for breast cancer screening
  • Maximize awareness resulting in ramp of screening participants
  • ROI exceeding 4mn QAR from campaign launch to date
  • Program success echoed locally and regionally; program spokesperson invited to attend regional health symposiums such as The First Gulf Cancer Conference in Kuwait; The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress in Dubai.

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