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post-lockdown campaign connects with youth

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post-lockdown campaign connects with youth
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the challenge

In May 2022, following the Covid-19 lockdown, soft-drink company KEAN wanted to launch a social media campaign in Cyprus with the aim of connecting more closely with young people aged 18-35. The goal was to engage this demographic and initiate genuine dialogue with them.

our approach

To open a dialogue with this age group, our team in Cyprus leveraged the post-lockdown sentiment of wanting to go out and unwind. Due to the confinement and lack of human interaction experienced during the lockdown, the desire to enjoy moments with loved ones was stronger than ever. The campaign needed to inspire people to go out and live beautiful moments with their loved ones while also allowing the brand to engage in a conversation with them.

To launch the initiative, Action Cyprus posted an Instagram story on KEAN’s account with the incomplete phrase “Να είμαστε Εγώ κι Εσύ Μαζί_________” (which translates to “Let’s be Together You and Me_________”), also the title of a song by KEAN. We then invited the audience to take a screenshot of the KEAN story, complete the phrase with their dream destination, and repost it on Instagram, tagging KEAN and another person. One lucky participant would win a trip to their chosen destination with a loved one.

From the moment the story was posted, it triggered a wave of stories from users sharing their completed versions, indicating the destinations they wanted to visit. KEAN took the opportunity to comment on each entry with its signature witty humour. Simultaneously, KEAN’s Instagram became a hub for travel advice and summer vacation inspiration, with posts and stories maintaining high interest, increasing engagement, and communicating the central message: “What matters is to be ‘In Life Together'” in creative, humorous, and very summery ways.

The most significant achievement was that one KEAN story generated 987 additional stories from users, providing the brand with the opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with them.


  • 35,000 interactions
  • 587,000 impressions
  • 180% Instagram page growth
  • 987 stories from users tagging the brand on Instagram

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