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OXFAM: Action Georgia and Action Armenia

In order to overcome the lack of awareness surrounding food security and nutrition in the South Caucasus, Action Georgia and Action Armenia were jointly awarded a contract by Oxfam, to create a regional communications and advocacy campaign for the charity.


The main objectives of the project are to raise awareness on food security and nutrition among public authorities in Georgia and Armenia; to encourage the adoption of healthier lifestyles and influence policy change on food security and nutrition.


The Action team is developing and implementing an integrated regional communications plan, including the organisation of high-level conferences and awards ceremonies, food fairs, media relations and video production, and briefings for opinion leaders and the government on food security issues.


A central element of the campaign is the website – Foodsecuritysc.com – developed by Action Digital, which will act as the information hub and go-to platform for all news, events, activities and relevant information for the intiative, adding to the user experience by operating in Georgian, Armenian and English.


Although the campaign must convey the same messages to the target audiences in both countries; open communication between Action Georgia and Action Armenia, as well as unmatched in-depth local knowledge, will allow the effective cross-border coordination of the campaign, overcoming linguistic and socio-political barriers.


Stories distributed by Action Georgia and Action Armenia so far have been picked up and published by leading influential media outlets.

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