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On the road with IOM: Addressing the issue of human trafficking in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the highest human trafficking rates in the world; and to address the problem and raise awareness among young men and women between the ages of 16-35 in Ukraine, Action was contracted by the country’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM), to develop a communications strategy and carry out a series of regional information campaigns. Action Ukraine also developed the full marketing plan for the campaign, and handled all public and media relations, including an active social media campaign.


Basing the comms strategy on the findings from surveys, interviews and focus groups with counter trafficking experts, Action focused the regional campaign on important knowledge sharing, implemented through an informative bus tour road show, around four of the highest risk areas for human trafficking in Ukraine.


Named ‘Safely to Success’, the informative road show programme comprised of exhibitions, thematic film screenings, mobile testing on human trafficking, contests and quizzes encouraging young high-risk groups to make safe choices about their future. Famous Ukrainian TV anchors were enlisted as road show hosts and local celebrities gave active support to help draw the attention of the target audience.


The road shows were very well attended across all four cities, while to date the campaign has also amassed more than 150 articles and news pieces across the most national TV and radio channels; general interest press as well as online media. Significant activity across social media platforms was positively received by the public, and the results of the campaign are still having a positive effect in the country today.

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