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influencer activation for disease awareness campaign

Clientleading pharma company
Office Action360x
ExpertiseInfluencer Engagement
influencer activation for disease awareness campaign
Client leading pharma company OfficeAction360x Expertise Influencer Engagement Industry Healthcare

the challenge

Raise awareness of the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in type 2 diabetes (T2D) across multiple diverse markets. In order to reach audiences and make an impact through personal stories which feel genuine and relatable, Action360x’s marketing communications team implemented an influencer activation to support the overarching disease awareness campaign.

Our client’s main objective from this activation was to deliver the right message to a specific audience in an authentic way, inciting interaction and engagement. The aim was to catch the audience’s attention, spark a discussion, increase conversations about the risk of CVD when it comes to T2D  and incentivise them to learn more and take action. Action360x needed to assess which type of influencers, macro or micro, were best to collaborate with, identify the most suitable influencers and engage them in the campaign mission, as well as measure the impact of the activation.

our approach

Action360x‘s MarComms team identified and onboarded eight key opinion influencers across the 5 target markets, ensuring that they engaged with the campaign and could support its important messages with their followers.

In order to ensure they were a good match for the campaign, influencers ranged from key opinion leaders in the healthcare industry, from the patient community, as well as individuals who had their own stories to tell about their experiences with T2D.

Each influencer created unique pieces of content centred around the risk of CVD in T2D and infused their authentic voice into the content, a tactic which proved highly successful in allowing them to address the important issues authentically.

These pieces of content generated a high number of direct engagements, and the campaign was able to reach thousands of people across Instagram. With the help of Instagram Stories, the influencers were also able to create authentic and “in-the-moment” content that engaged the target audience.

Markets:, Finland, Greece, Norway, Belgium, Sweden / 8 Influencers in total


  • 234K people reached
  • 10K content engagement
  • 30 pieces of content
  • 2.32% engagement rate

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