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ClientUkraine Squash Federation
ExpertiseIntegrated Communications
Related Linkswww.squash.ua
Client Ukraine Squash Federation OfficeAction Ukraine Expertise Integrated Communications Industry Sports Related Links www.squash.ua

the challenge

In a country the length of 1316 km, with a population of more than 40 million people, only about 100 squash courts exist. The Ukraine Squash Federation turned to Action Ukraine with the ambitious goal of not only raising awareness around the sport, but also, drive its popularity, with the aim of making it one of the top five sports in Ukraine in the next 10 years.

our approach

Action Ukraine began mapping  out and driving forward an intense awareness campaign driven mainly by media relations in the first phase.

This included:

  • Features about squash in key lifestyle media
  • Communication with sports media on the creation of separate sections dedicated to “Squash” within the sports section
  • Creation of a page about squash in the Ukrainian Wikipedia
  • Invitation of journalists to the All-Ukrainian Squash Championships
  • Communication support for all squash events
  • Comprehensive coverage of information about squash in Ukraine (history, development, prominent figures) through interviews and columns by Vice President, Alena Ogonesyan
  • Preparation and publication of comments by outstanding Ukrainian squash players in national and industry media 


  • 20+ sports media talked about squash and created news sections dedicated to this sport
  • Popular Ukrainian media turned their attention to squash
  • 50+ publications about squash in 6 months
  • 750,000 people saw the publications and events of the Squash Federation of Ukraine

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