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promoting the Heartland of Legends

ClientVisit Cyprus

Creativity, Digital Communications, Digital Marketing, Social Media

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promoting the Heartland of Legends
Client Visit Cyprus OfficeAction Cyprus Expertise

Creativity, Digital Communications, Digital Marketing, Social Media

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the challenge

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism in Cyprus enlisted Action’s support to create a campaign that would showcase the “Heartland of Legends” route, which takes people on a tour of the heartland of the island.
Hidden places, unspoiled nature, and authentic experiences are in store for those who follow this route, as well as stories waiting to be told. The website heartlandoflegends.com is dedicated to the wonders of the route, so Action’s focus included ensuring that audiences are aware of its existence and use it to discover the wonders of inland Cyprus.

The challenge of this campaign had two aspects. The first was to successfully drive traffic to heartlandoflegends.com. The second was to inspire both locals and visitors to Cyprus to take this route and live this experience first-hand.

the insight

In a world that promotes mass tourism, many people, locals and travelers alike, find themselves searching for authentic experiences and places, away from the hustle and bustle of famous destinations. Those are the people we wished to reach with this campaign since the “Heartland of Legends” route is exactly what they are searching for. So, with our insight being this quest for authentic experiences, we decided to showcase the route as the heart of unique sights and unforgettable stories that people will love.

our approach

With that in mind, our Cyprus team crafted the message “Heartland of Legends. Ζει στην Kαρδιά σου” (“Heartland of Legends. It Lives in Your Heart”) and kickstarted the campaign with a manifesto! Written in a friendly, warm, yet poetic voice, this manifesto echoed the philosophy behind the campaign and described the sensations that the heartland of Cyprus can awaken in its visitors. Furthermore, it created anticipation for what was to come…

Heartland of Legends x Joy of Origins: The Videos

Our next step was to team up with Joy of Origins, a content creator known for her videos, which are inspired by Cypriot tradition. Together, we created a series of videos, starring her as a guide, taking viewers on a wonderful adventure through the heartland and calling for them to follow in her footsteps.

For this campaign, other content formats (native articles, banners, Social Media content) were also employed to raise awareness for the route and drive traffic to the website. Most importantly, through the various content formats of this omnichannel campaign, we wanted to give the audience a taste of the authentic Cypriot way of living, the beauty of the scenery and the importance of tradition, to encourage them to go out there and take them all in!


  • banners: 1,048,231 total impressions
  • native articles: 7,800 total page views
  • Meta Ads: 105,066 total teach and 5.3 M total impressions
  • Google Ads: 1.4 M total impressions and 509,075 total interactions

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