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e.GO launches in Greece


Events, Media Relations, PR Services

e.GO launches in Greece
Client e.GO OfficeAction Greece Expertise

Events, Media Relations, PR Services

Industry Automotive

the challenge

Action Greece was tasked by Next e.GO to officially launch the e.GO Life model in the Greek market, a then relatively unknown electric car, produced in Aachen, Germany. Within the scope of work, Action was responsibly for creating buzz around the event by raising awareness and attacting the interest of automotive, lifestyle and business media outlets.

our approach

  • For the car model’s first official appearance in the country, Action Greece secured e.GO’s presence at the Thessaloniki International Fair, where the company attracted significant interest from local media, visitors as well as other participants of the event.​
  • Following the fair, our Greek team organised an exclusive press event in Athens for automotive and lifestyle media in order to formally launch and introduce the innovative and uniquely designed electric car in Greece.
  • The exclusive presentation of e.GO’s Life model featured the car itself, interactive presentations from Next e.GO executives as well as the testing of the car to familiarise the media with its truly disruptive concept: A sustainable, durable next-generation urban electric car, a perfect combination of ideal city fit, durability and holistic sustainability.​
  • Both events attracted immense press interest from the media, generating over 170 coverage pieces with a total PR value of over  EUR157K in just one month.​
  • The launch event itself in Athens was attended by over 90 journalists, mainly from lifestyle, auto & business media, achieving a record number of attendees for a launch press event.​


  • 170+ pieces of coverage
  • EUR157K+ in PR value

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