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breaking taboos: raising awareness on egg cryopreservation


Content Development, Digital Communications, Influencer Engagement, Social Media

breaking taboos: raising awareness on egg cryopreservation
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Content Development, Digital Communications, Influencer Engagement, Social Media

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the challenge

In life, there are moments that define us. Moments of courage, strength, and hope. For many women, the decision to freeze time by cryopreserving their eggs and maintaining their fertility is one of these defining moments. The prime reproductive age for women is in their 20s and early 30s. However, today, most women delay starting a family to achieve personal or professional goals or to find true love before becoming mothers. Delaying motherhood can reduce the chances of a healthy pregnancy if women do not take advantage of their high-quality eggs in their 20s and early 30s. This is why egg cryopreservation is an important option and a safe procedure for preserving high-quality eggs until a woman feels ready for pregnancy.

Despite its importance, egg cryopreservation remains a taboo topic for many women. Many have reservations about the process, fears about proceeding, and hesitations even to talk openly about it. Most importantly, many are unaware of this option. The primary reason behind these issues is the lack of information about cryopreservation, the process, and its benefits for women.

the campaign

Cryos International, the first independent sperm and egg bank in Cyprus, aimed to raise public awareness on fertility issues. They partnered with well-known influencer Kalia Eleftheriou to inform more women, particularly those aged 20-40, about the method of egg cryopreservation and its benefits. Kalia was chosen for her popularity and relatability as an influencer who often shares her life moments with her followers. At 35, a pivotal age for female fertility, Kalia had already been informed by her doctor and was considering egg cryopreservation to maintain her fertility. After meeting with Cryos specialists who answered all her questions, she began the process.

To inform more women and break the taboos, Kalia decided to document the entire process and share her experience on Instagram. She created two reel videos showcasing the process, sharing her concerns and feelings. The first video presented the initial steps of cryopreservation, with a focus on the hormonal tests conducted before the procedure, which give women an indication of their fertility potential. The second video, posted after she completed the cryopreservation, detailed the egg retrieval process, the results, and the support she received throughout the journey.


  • Kalia's two reel videos garnered over 100,000 organic views and 5,000 likes.
  • Her stories had over 92,000 organic reach and 95,000 organic impressions.
  • Many women found the courage to share their own fertility and egg cryopreservation stories with Kalia.
  • Kalia reposted many of these stories as Instagram stories.
  • Numerous women congratulated Kalia for discussing the topic openly.
  • Many women sent in questions about the procedure, potential impacts on fertility, costs, and prerequisites.
  • Kalia promptly responded to all inquiries with the help of Cryos specialists and her own experience.
  • Kalia and a Cryos representative hosted an Instagram Live session for direct audience interaction and Q&A.
  • The confession gained extensive publicity with numerous publications on lifestyle portals.
  • Kalia shared her story through interviews on shows and podcasts.
  • Over 100 women contacted Cryos to learn more about egg cryopreservation.
  • Most importantly, the campaign helped break the taboos surrounding egg cryopreservation.

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