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BA Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner London to Abu Dhabi/Muscat launch  

As part of Action’s ongoing work with British Airways, a client for over 40 years across our network, MCS Action in Dubai, put together a series of high-profile events and activities to mark the launch of the brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on the popular daily London to Abu Dhabi/Muscat service and create market excitement for the new premium First Class services being introduced on the new aircraft.


Part of the multifaceted campaign planned and executed by MCS Action, saw British Airways partner  with A-list Hollywood celebrities, Orlando Bloom and BA brand ambassador Margot Robbie, to create two individual photoshoot concepts reflecting the airline’s presence in the capital of the UAE in both a natural and modern landscape.


MCS Action identified key photoshoot locations and designed storyboards for each of the shoots.  Each visual had both brand and celebrity elements merged within international PR editorial guidelines, and the images created were used by media globally. Additionally, the team worked closely with the client to set up and coordinate the A-Z of the shoot logistics, liaised with all third parties involved and provided on ground support.


The launch celebration included pre-event media dialogue with teasers, exclusive invitations and an air
of mystery that created media interest and ultimately provided widespread coverage. The team adopted a drip feed approach to its media comms announcing only one celebrity artist name ahead of the event when setting up two radio competitions to create pre-event buzz. VIP media guests and competition winners were given a chance to attend the exclusive event.


The launch in itself was a luxurious star studded exclusive affair with A listers Margot Robbie, Jessie J and Orlando Bloom in attendance marking the airline’s new Boeing 787-9 and its generation exclusive First class cabins. Over 200 guests, celebrities and VIPs who attended the event were also treated to a live performance by Jessie J as part of the celebrations.


The partnership with UK celebrities helped to generate strong coverage amongst tier one lifestyle publications, with over 263 pieces of coverage with an AVE of GBP 408, 280 and a PR value of GBP of over a million pounds (GBP 1,224,842). The team also maximised key media opportunities with pre-launch radio competitions, a launch FAM trip, event tabloid styled press alerts and creatively pitched celebrity photoshoots.

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