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Action once again takes on LEAP in Saudi Arabia


Media Relations, PR Services



Action once again takes on LEAP in Saudi Arabia
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Media Relations, PR Services



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the challenge

After breaking a host of industry records in 2023, LEAP returned to Riyadh from March 4-7, 2024 with an even bigger, bolder and more disruptive format and went on to become the world’s most-attended technology event for the second consecutive year. The PR and communications activities of the event were once again handled by Action Global Communications.

LEAP 2024 attracted the world’s greatest digital thinkers, brands and pioneers to empower entrepreneurs, ignite innovation and propel Saudi Arabia’s technology ecosystem into new worlds. LEAP 2024 shattered benchmarks once again after confirming 215,000 attendees this year.

Powered by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in conjunction with Tahaluf – a strategic joint venture co-owned by Informa PLC and SAFCSP – LEAP 2024 also announced a record USD11.9 billion for new technologies, cloud computing and data centres in the Kingdom.

our approach

Key PR and communications activities included:

• Coordination of media partnerships from its inception till the conclusion.

• Drafting and dispatching 20x press releases in English and Arabic.

• Action also hosted 2x international media at the show and facilitated 36x  interview/ feature in total for Michael Champion, Annabelle Mander, Steven Bartlett, Patrice Evra, Rick Fox and other key speakers and exhibitors.

• The PR campaign generated 26,971 clippings with a circulation of 34.39 billion: AD value of  USD 332.55 million and a PR Value of USD 997.67 million.

Action secured gold at the PRCA Awards 2024 in Dubai for ‘Best B2B Campaign’ for our contributions to LEAP23’s PR Campaign.

Campaign highlights – GCC

• 2,537 clippings

• 6 countries

• USD17.43 million AD value of clippings

• USD52.32 million PR value of clippings

• 1.52 billion potential impressions / circulation (cumulative)

Campaign highlights – international

• 24,434 clippings

• 121 countries

• USD315.12 million AD value of clippings

• USD945.36 million PR value of clippings

• 32.86 billion potential impressions / circulation (cumulative)


  • total circulation: 34,393,506,132
  • total AD value: USD 332,557,047
  • total PR value: USD 997,671,142
  • total pieces of coverage: 26,971
  • total interviews / features: 36

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