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Action Global Communication’s Involvement in the Digitalisation of World War I Honoured at Euromed 2018


As the world commemorates 100 years since the end of World War I, the work of Action Global Communications was recently honoured at Euromed 2018 – the 7th International Conference on Cultural Heritage.


The Nicosia event saw Action’s Chairman, Tony Christodoulou, address the audience with a speech touching on the importance of preserving and honouring historical heritage, following on from Action’s crucial involvement in the digitalisation of World War I in 14 European countries, via the well-known Europeana initiative (


Euromed 2018 brought together policy makers, professionals, students and delegates from over 60 countries, dedicated to the protection, preservation and e-documentation of cultural heritage. With Action praised for efforts undertaken to implement and raise awareness of the Europeana initiative across Europe, Christodoulou is keen on emphasising the importance of preserving the past, in light of the future.


“Our historical and cultural heritage is what shapes the world that we live in today,” says Christodoulou. “It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to honour this heritage, and Action is proud to have been part of such a valuable European project, which facilitated the collection of thousands of artefacts, books, manuscripts, artworks and more, across 14 countries, making them available online as part of the new digital era in which we live today.”


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