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Action Global Communications boosts Chiquita’s vibrant presence at Athens Classic Marathon 2018


Action Global Communications in Greece recently gave crowds a treat at the Athens Classic Marathon, boosting Chiquita’s colorful presence as proud sponsor of the internationally renowned sporting event for the 11th consecutive year.


Attracting runners from around the world for almost four decades, today’s marathon participants continue to follow the famous footsteps of Athenian messenger, Pheidippides, who brought home news of victory against the Persians from the battlefield of Marathon some 2,500 years ago.


Called upon to support Chiquita’s presence at the revered occasion, Action organized flamboyant influencer activations to boost client exposure on the day, while generating a great buzz around the iconic bananas loved by sportsmen and beyond around the globe, identified by their famous blue Miss Chiquita sticker.


During the event, Action coordinated a distribution of over 70.000 premium Chiquita bananas to provide an energy boost for runners and the audience at large, while popular journalist and Instagrammer, Sonia Kazoni, attracted attention at Chiquita’s booth in the ‘Sponsor’s Village’, engaging with the crowd and inviting them to meet Miss Chiquita.


Famous food blogger, Marilou ‘Madame Ginger’ Pantaki, was also invited to add to the fun, preparing healthy and delicious banana smoothies and bread devoured by over 1.000 marathon athletes and visitors.


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