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Action Global Communications celebrates five successful years of its unique award-winning CSR project,

Action Global Communications in Cyprus now celebrates five successful years since the establishment of its unique award-winning CSR project, My Cyprus Insider. The endeavor is widely recognized for significantly boosting Cyprus’ image abroad, generating global awareness of the country’s alternative tourism offerings, while promoting local talents, SMEs, startups and more.

Honored with a Cyprus Tourism Award in 2019, Action’s CSR efforts are centered upon the company’s core ethos of making meaningful connections via integrated communications, in order to create a positive impact on society. Utilizing its diverse communications experience and expertise, the launch of My Cyprus Insider in February 2015 witnessed Action professionals across its far-reaching network (spanning 40+ countries) seamlessly join forces for one common cause, at a time when the island was suffering from negative and detrimental publicity following economic collapse. 

The portal immediately gained popularity as the first English-language website of its kind to publish travel-related blog posts, specifically highlighting the appeal of the island via an ‘insider’ viewpoint. Paving the way for a refreshing new image of Cyprus, Action successfully utilized My Cyprus Insider as an alternative and new channel through which the best of the country was showcased to the world, helping to transform a predominantly negative image into a positive one.

Ensuring the success of the endeavor, Action utilized the diverse talent of its Cyprus media team – content writers, editors and designers –  alongside experts from Action Digital, including web designers, developers, SEO and social media specialists. Communications and PR professionals across Action’s global offices boosted the collaborative effort, helping to spread the word and generate an international buzz about the initiative. Local knowhow and insights were tapped into, securing online and offline media coverage across key international markets, from central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, to the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Creating a unique connection between the ‘insider’ Cypriot local and the intrepid global traveler, Action’s wide efforts have ensured that the website today enjoys an ever growing international following and traffic from all corners of the globe including the UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia and many more countries.

The website’s #UnlockCyprus hashtag has become viral and stands as a greatly popular catchphrase for travel bloggers, influencers, tourists and locals wishing to associate themselves with the idea of ‘unlocking’ the mysteries of the island and its secrets. #UnlockCyprus is used widely on Instagram    (5 000 + followers) as well as Facebook (34 000 + followers) and Twitter. To this day, over 11k pictures have also been shared by Instagram users with #UnlockCyprus, while the team continues to publish unique content that showcases the splendors of the island to an international audience.

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