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Action brings a taste of France to Ukrainian media with exclusive GEFCO press brunch

Our Action Ukraine team organised a press brunch for global logistics leader GEFCO in Kyiv to celebrate 9 years in the market and announce their revised new service offer. The event marks the first time the Company has gathered together representatives from all types of Ukrainian media – general interest, business, and specialised press.

Fundamentals of their historic new offering, the company’s French heritage and the image of the GEFCO brand were used as inspiration for the event’s creative concept, ‘French Spring’. This concept was reflected in every detail of the event from the venue, a classic French brasserie ‘‘Très FRANÇAIS’, to the press gifts, invitations, décor and programme.

GEFCO Ukraine CEO Ms Oksana Yakovleva and CCO Mr Andrey Myagkov reported on operating results and provided insight on future business prospects in the market, but the main topic of the event was the announcement of their new supply chain service offering featuring a landmark 6 levels of logistical integration.

The main attraction of the programme showcased the CCOs hidden talents in the kitchen as he acted as Master Chef, explaining the new offering for journalists through the preparation of a well-known French dish – Salade Niçoise – to demonstrate how each level of the new offering work together similar to each unique ingredient coming together for the final dish.

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