A New World at Your Fingertips: How Facebook Shops will help Boost your Business

Published OnJanuary 1, 1970


Published OnJanuary 1, 1970

Written by Action Digital

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced the start of a new era for e-commerce with a novel service allowing businesses to easily present and sell their products on both Facebook and Instagram. The new Facebook Shops service will allow companies to create a ‘shop’ on their page, and feature a catalogue of products, which visitors can browse through and purchase. Products can either be added manually, or via the XML archive of the respective shop, if an e-shop already exists. 

Facebook Shops has already kicked off in the USA, and will be launched on Instagram in the summer, while the feature will then gradually become available in the rest of the world. Facebook even aims to activate purchases directly via live streams. 

But what does this new initiative mean for you and your business? We at Action Digital are here to answer all your questions!

Will my current Facebook shop page be deleted?

No. The company will roll out a new update along with a new interface to ensure a cross-platform, smooth buyer experience, transferring all  the products you currently have listed, and displaying them in the new environment. Moreover, Facebook Shops will give you the chance to connect to your other business accounts – like Instagram – so as to fully take advantage of the new feature.

Will I have to pay?

No. Facebook Shops is a free feature and it is available for anyone with a business page on Facebook and Instagram, alongside easy instructions regarding activation and use.

How will an expansion of Facebook Shop to other social media channels help my business?

Having a central hub for uploading and listing your products will eliminate the need to ‘chase’ clients on other social media platforms. The new feature means that you will be able to automatically advertise your products across platforms connected to Facebook, mainly Instagram, smoothly, without the need to modify your posts in line with different platforms, and their respective limitations. Simultaneous updates across all other connected accounts ensures cross-platform reach and will make it easier for you to attract clients while ensuring a smoother ‘buyer’s journey’ and helping, in turn, to boost sales.

How can I advertise my products using this new feature?

This upgraded feature offers endless advertising options. Advertise your products through sponsored ads, list them on your business’ Instagram and Facebook profile, tag them in Stories, and even, in live streams in the near future, giving viewers direct access to the given product. Work in the beauty industry and decided to collaborate with an influencer who will be creating a video with make-up tips, using your company’s products? The new feature will allow users to buy the products directly as they are being shown on the livestream! It is planned that at a later stage, businesses will also be able to sell their products through direct messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp.

Will users be allowed to make purchases on Facebook directly?

Not yet, although Facebook is currently testing a service which will allow direct safe purchases in-app. For the time being, users who are interested in your product will be redirected to the company website to complete their purchase, or to a third party money exchange application, such as PayPal.

How can I better utilise Facebook Shops?

Making it easier for businesses to list products and advertise is of huge importance, especially for SMEs, as they cannot compete with the large marketing budgets of multinational companies. A smart, effective digital marketing campaign can now offer immediate results and be your silver bullet for success, boosting your sales almost immediately. A smooth client buying experience, paired with market analysis tools offered by Facebook will give your business the competitive edge needed to survive and triumph in today’s fragile market. 

Still unsure about how Facebook Shops can help your business? Need help setting up your website, launching an effective digital marketing campaign or, perhaps, setting up your own e-shop? Action Digital is here to help! Contact us now and find out how to take your business to new heights!

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