A Case Study on a Digital and Social Media PR Seminar

Published OnAugust 5, 2009


Published OnAugust 5, 2009

Action Global Communications Bulgaria, together with Taurus Consultants, recently organised a digital and social media PR seminar, with guest presenter Stephen Davies, the online PR specialist and consultant. (Stephen’s online communications and technology blog, www.prblogger.com, has been recognised by PR industry professionals around the world, and has recently been named ‘the UK”s number one PR blog’, according to Advertising Age, the leading US marketing publication.) More than 25 professionals from marketing and communications departments of leading Bulgarian companies attended the seminar, together with some colleagues from well-known agencies. Among them were:

  • Danone Bulgaria
  • Colliers International
  • Penny Market Bulgaria
  • Piraues Bank Bulgaria
  • OMV Bulgaria
  • Indesit Company
  • Ogilvy PR
  • Publicis Consultants.

As part of the campaign to promote the seminar, Action Bulgaria set up a dedicated blog, achieving 313 unique visits from interested businesses in 14 days. We noticed that as we provided ongoing updates, teaser information about the seminar, the agenda, the speakers, etc. the visits jumped each time.  Action Bulgaria also engaged with members of the dedicated group using Facebook. Details on blog visits are given on the screenshot below Blog Stats Facebook group members jumped from 1 to 39 in a matter of less than 10 days and the vast majority of those members actually attended the seminar. The richest content delivered in the seminar was a series of case studies, which was tailored to their specific industry sectors: banking, pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer goods.  Case studies were also presented that focused specifically on Bulgarian companies, and these were presented in Bulgarian by Darin Stoykov, Action Bulgaria’s Global Client Service Director. Details on one of those could be found here As a result of the case studies, www.jobs.bg, a popular Bulgarian recruitment and human resources website, conducted an online magazine interview with Stephen Davies about digital and social media PR, including an insightful video interview. There was a great volume of interest, engagement and feedback for the seminar. Two such examples we’re delighted to reference are detailed below:

  • The seminar was remarkably useful for future projects we might undertake”, Radina Ralcheva, Country Manager of Hochegger PR
  • “At least now we will not be afraid of entering this “dark zone” called the Internet and we will more confidently rely on our agency to propose Digital PR initiatives”, Roumen Kofinov, MD of Boehringer Ingelheim Bulgaria

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