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2019-2022: Action upscales EU4Digital cybersecurity awareness in strategic neighbourhood countries!

As a robust partner to GFA, Action Global Communications is helping the EU revive and upscale new cybersecurity standards via a joint project deployed across Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

Across a three-year, 3.2M Euro project set to close in November 2022, our expert team is helping improve the ways these countries share, tackle and set cybersecurity standards over the next decade or so.

Action’s threefold expertise includes building capacity and consensus for involved target and stakeholder audiences, highlighting public issues and accelerating awareness for the media and citizens, and elevating internal communication through refied, digital processes for partners, stakeholders and information multipliers.

One of Action’s long term objectives is improving our record across the EU Neighbourhood environment, as well as introducing new ways to overcome communication obstacles in complex policy landscapes such as cybersecurity. And inspired from our work with EU4Digital, we are well on track toward fulfilling that!

Whilst the Action team continues to support EU4Digital over the next two years, stay tuned for more insights!

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