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Promoting the modernisation of the EU-Chile Association Agreement

The first out of a series of four conferences on the modernisation of the EU-Chile Association Agreement has taken place in Santiago, with Action Diplomacy providing communications services. The high-level conference brought together a select number of importers and exporters, thematic media and policy-makers to discuss the achievements and challenges of the Agreement, and the path of its modernisation.

In the 14 years that the Association Agreement has entered into force, trade between Chile and the EU has more than doubled. Trade now, however, is much different than in 2003, demanding the modernisation of the Agreement.  In the seminar, participants debated about the changing situation on the ground, the drivers between the increasing trade between Chile and the EU, and the future of the strategic partnership. Speakers included the ambassador of the EU Delegation to Chile, the Chilean Minister of Economy, entrepreneurs and representatives of trade associations. For more information about the seminar, visit the event website, developed by Action Digital.

The remaining three events, will take place between November and June 2018, engaging national and local stakeholders both in the capital and in other economically significant cities in Chile.

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