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Network Comes Together Over Kyrgyzstan Aid

One of the best things about working in Action is knowing that you belong to an international and very diverse team. While most of our working day is taken up with focusing on daily client duties, we love it when we get the opportunity to reach out to team members in other countries within our network for support and ideas. It’s an aspect of Action life that I enjoy, as it’s a chance to hear different perspectives from different parts of the world and a chance to see that although we are all extremely different in many ways we are also the same. Just two weeks ago, we experienced a network bonding experience where our agencies from the Middle East, Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe came together to support a request from Elira – our Country Manager in Kyrgyzstan. Elira asked how the network could show their support for people and refugees displaced as a result of ethnic violence in her country. Between us, we came up with a simple but effective way to raise awareness and some money, whereby all the people within the Action Global Communications network came to work on the same day wearing white as a symbol of peace. Employees were also invited, if they wished, to make a donation to the cause – the company then matched all the money donated by the teams across the network. It was an effective way to generate awareness around a cause while also giving a healthy donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross. Sharing with each other images of the local teams wearing white created a real sense of teamwork!  Thanks to everyone for sharing and supporting.

Dressed in white for peace in Kyrgyzstan - Images across the Action network

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