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In recent times the online media landscape in Bulgaria has begun to boom, due to the fact that internet access in the country grew a staggering 450% in the last eight years. No wonder that in a country where our language is formed from the Cyrillic alphabet some obstacles needed to be overcome. One of the solutions is the BG-technorati site (in Bulgarian only) that currently gathers information for and from 1,570 blogs, written in Bulgarian. The ranking is done according to incoming links from other Bulgarian blogs and blogrolls. Based on that, BG-authority is so developed that it gives a pretty clear picture of  ‘who’s who’ in the Bulgarian blogosphere. Bulgaria Map source: Visit to Bulgaria The highest ranked blog has an authority of 242, second place scores 175 and third place reaches 166 according to the site’s authority rankings. RSS feeds are also monitored and the ranking according to the number of RSS subscribers each blog has shows the top Bulgarian blog with 3,476 active subscribers, followed by the second blog which has 2,445 and third place with 1,851. Going deeper, you notice that the highest blog by authority is a multi-themed one, covering topics from visiting the dentist’s to serious issues like gay rights. Top 10 most commented posts accumulated a staggering 1,832 comments. With a Google Page Rank of 5 and Technorati ranking of 156, this blog for sure is the most commented and the most linked to in the Bulgarian blogosphere. Interestingly the number 2 and number 3 ranked blogs by RSS subscribers both cover fitness and wellbeing and collectively they have 4,296 RSS subscribers. Even more interesting is that this number is higher than the circulation of some well-known monthly Bulgarian health and fitness magazines. Things are certainly advancing in the Bulgarian online market. However, since Bulgarian is not the most popular language on Earth, planning and implementing of any campaign for digital PR should start with native speakers, to be able to take a client through the landscape of blogs in Bulgarian by, of course, Bulgarians.

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